Artist Creative Commons (ACC) is a workgroup that facilitates a wide range of work of artists and at the same time a community builder in its physical incarnation.
The principle of ACC is that artistic creativity should be a commons and therefore shared.
ACC has a vast pool of resources built by its (daily growing) professional members, which includes residency application proposals, grant application proposals and other proposals categorized under different thematic fields; critical texts for review or artist statement writing (additional post-exhibition service: ACC members support each other in the form of generating reviews in blog posts or websites, thereby creating greater visibility); recycling, upcycling and downcycling of materials for artistic processes, among others. These resources as part of the commons may be used by any member.
In the physical ACC project space, artist members may set up workspace or exhibitions (additional services include temporary lodging), group activities are hosted regularly.
(We are indebted to the great spirits of Chinese scholars, consummating in the event at the famous Lanting – Orchid Pavilion)

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